L2ST NLP for Traders Training

Practical Methods for Improving Trading Psychology and Enhancing your Trading Performance


This product has been put together to help you understand why most traders lose and keep losing.  However it does not have to be this way.  In this seminar you will understand how our Unconscious Mindset runs the show when it comes to our behaviours as traders and therefore also our results.  You will learn how the NLP communication Model explains how what we perceive is a projection of what we believe on an unconscious level, and is mostly filtered by past experiences.  By understanding  how your Conscious and Unconscious minds function, you may learn to bring synergy between the two by using the specific tools and practical methods outlined in this course. 


NLP for Traders 


Here is what one of our clients had to say about his experience:

"Your NLP course is the "BOMB"!!! I actually enjoyed that more then learning how to trade your method...lol! Cheers my friend! This will undoubtedly empower me more then 98% of Traders.....what a wonderful edge to not only have for my trading career but more importantly for ME and my LIFE!!!!! I am so happy and fortunate to have found a mentor and coach as you are so unique and gracefully give of yourself! - Thank You Kam"  - Seth






Here is some of what is included:


- What breaks you discipline as  a trader, and learn how to fix this.

- The NLP communication Model and how it applies to Trading and everything else in your life.

- The Conscious, Unconscious and Super Conscious Mind. 

- How the Unconscious Mind is hard wired to prevent you from succeeding in trading.

- The importance of shifting beliefs for unconscious change and better behaviours and results.

- Understanding your beliefs about the market, you and your own trading.

- Knowing Versus Believing.

- Moving from a Have-Do-be mindset to a Be-Do-Have mindset.

- Differing levels of limiting beliefs.

- Identifying the Root of Limiting Beliefs and Decisions,

- Setting Goals and Desired Outcomes and testing for positive change.

- Most Importantly you will get PRACTICAL methods for shifting your unconscious mindset to that which is more empowering and gives your better results.


This product is delivered to you digitally immediately once a successful order and payment has been made.  You may view the Seminar Video Online or Download and watch offline.  The instructions and slides are provided in PDF format whilst the NLP Meditation Technique is in MP3 format.

(NOTE: UK Customers: Prices are exc VAT)

Price: £197

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