What makes the L2ST Trading Framework unique compared to many other forms of AMT Profile Trading?

Now there is a lot of reasons why what Kam Dhadwar’s “L2ST Trading Framework” goes WAY beyond what traditional Auction Market Theory and Market Profile Trading teaches.  The market keeps teaching and Kam will always be one of those traders that will listen very carefully and keep creating better and more effective ways to trade with Auction Market Theory (AMT).  There are hundreds of ways to perceive AMT and trade it using profiles however not all strategies will utilise the edge to the fullest potential.

There is an ART to discretionary trading, which requires an understanding of the finer details.  What Kam is trying to do with the “L2ST Trading Framework” is teach the ART of trading and not just the science!

Here is some of what makes the L2ST Trading Framework so unique:

– The use of Custom Profiles for Value Perception NOT just limited to day-to-day profiles.

– The use of a FULL market session.

– Top-Down Approach – Daily, LTF (Longer Time Frame) and STF (Shorter Time Frame).

– A High Probability way of defining Potential Composite Profile Reversal and Target Areas.

– The ability to measure how far a market can extend away from value and still return with high probability!

– The ability to measure and perceive when a market has a greater chance of moving away from value.

– The use of Price Action and Timing with market relationships and confluence.

– The use of Order Flow for added belief and confidence.

– The use of dynamic Trade Execution, Risk and Trade Management Techniques.

– A Business Perspective with clearly defined Goals\Objectives and Plan.

– A huge emphasis on the development of Discipline, Belief and Confidence.

– Focus is NOT on becoming emotionless, but instead more aware and learning how to use your emotions\feelings to help direct your trading.

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