The “L2ST Trading FrameWork”

Unlike many others that attempt to teach others the WAY in trading, we DO NOT teach a systematic way to trade.  What we teach is a “Discretionary Framework for Perceiving, Understanding and Ultimately Trading the Markets”. 

The “L2ST Trading Framework” consists of focusing on understanding and applying the follow principals:

1. Auction Market Theory – Understanding Participants Behaviours for Negotiating the Market Price and Structure.

2. Value Trading Framework – Understanding a Perceptional Framework for defining fair and unfair prices.

3. Volume Profiling Techniques – Mastering the understanding of Acceptance and Rejection of prices and Market Structure.

4. Perception of Price over Time – Price Pattern Logic for defining Market Structure and Context.

5. Confluence – Short-term Price Patterns and flow, Market Relationships.

6. Preparation – Understanding and then Visualising what the market may do before it does.  This aligns the unconscious mind with conscious plan in ADVANCE.

7. Execution – Dynamic Entry Techniques utilising Price Action and Order Flow.

8. Trade Management – Advanced Position Sizing, Effective Risk Management, Efficient Target and Exit Strategies.

9. Discipline, Belief and Confidence – Through: Business\Life Planning, Self Motivation, Raised Awareness, Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Development\Management Techniques.

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